Army takes over new areas in Sa’ada


September Net

The Yemeni national army backed by the Arab coalition on Sunday took over four villages and a key Mountain in Sa’ada, after clashes in which Houthi rebel militia sustained human and material losses.

Brigadier Mohammad Al-Bahli told “September Net” the army forces liberated the villages of Qamahl, Qahla, Zamahel, Al Maidh and capture the Black Mount, in Bakim district in the north of Sa’ada province.

Al-Bahil, who is the Military Staff of the army’s Fifth Border Guards Brigade, pointed out that the army artillery shelling destroyed militia reinforcements on the way to clashing zones.

The fighting left scores of killed and injured on the militia’s side, in addition to destruction of its combat mechanisms, the brigadier added.

He said the army’s engineering teams had extracted large quantities of mines and explosive devices planted by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in a bid to hamper the advancing forces on the army.


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