Parliament presidency affirms support to govt in face of UAE-backed rebellion

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The presidency of the parliament has affirmed its support to the government of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi in the face of the recent rebellion by the UAE-backed separatists in south Yemen.

In a statement issued today August 21, the presidency said the separatist Southern Transitional Council has captured the temporary capital and expanded to Abyan province “killing, injuring and displacing many people and breaking into houses and looting them.”

The presidency said the armed separatists “wanted to impose a de facto situation that that returns the country to a cycle of conflicts … that eventually plays into the hands of the Iran-backed Houthi coup d’état.”

The presidency demanded Hadi to use his capacity to review the relations with the Arab Coalition to restore the Yemeni state, and warned against any veering off from this goal to collusion with contradictory schemes.

The presidency assigned the government to stand to the STC rebellion by all means and called for a comprehensive national reconciliation that puts an end to the suffering that Yemen has been going through since the first coup, by Houthis, in September 2014.

The presidency appreciated the particular role of Saudi Arabia towards Yemen especially during the latest flare up, saying the Saudi role is vital in securing Yemen’s stability and unity.

The presidency warned that any collusion or negligence by the Coalition members towards the new rebellion will only be perceived by the Houthis as a green light and morale support to the Houthis to continue their coup.


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