Arab League warns of attempts splitting Yemen

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September Net

The Arab League has said splitting Yemen’s unity will not serve Yemeni people and will only lead to more fragmentation and disorder.

Situations in Yemen evoke more discomfort and anxiety, especially under recent developments in the south, mainly the transitional capital Aden and negative aftermaths on Yemen’s stability and unity, said a source in the Arab League General Secretariat.

“Bringing inclusive peace and stability to Yemen must be the first objective of all parties, and this requires different approach to all Yemeni situations on the basis of regaining united institutions and facing terrorism and militias in the framework of dialogue and negotiations between parties of the same interest away of military escalation and violence,” he added.

He confirmed that continuous rockets firing by Houthi rebel militia on Saudi territories eradicates chances of peaceful solution to the crisis, adding that Houthi group insists on committing dangerous violations against human rights in their -held areas.

Houthi death verdicts against 30 detainees, including university professors and activists included in exchanging prisoners’ agreement of Stockholm understandings is a blatant violation to the international humanitarian law, the source added.



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