Makkawi hands over Bulgarian official government’s report on STC’s rebellion

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Charge D’Affairs at Yemen’s Embassy in Sofia Aber Makkawi handed over Wednesday the Director of the Middle East and North African Department at Bulgarian Foreign Ministry Dimitra Dimitrov a copy of a release issued Tuesday by the Council of Ministers on Southern Transition Council’s armed rebellion against state institutions in Aden.

The release holds the United Arab Emirates fully responsible on financing and supporting the rebellion.

Makkawi confirmed that the rebellion in Aden and extended to Abyan serves only Houthi rebel militia and Iranian agenda threatening the region and its security.

Makkawi reviewed latest political, humanitarian and security situations in Yemen and efforts of the government for realizing permanent peace in accordance with the three basic references.

He stressed significance of the international community’s responsibility towards the rebellion, pointing out that any ignorance towards militia elements supported from outside the country will provide hotbed to terrorism, which threatens international peace.

For his part, the Bulgarian official confirmed his country’s support to Yemen’s stability and unity, noting that his country supports political process brokered by the UN envoy and maintains the three references and UN related resolutions.

“Wars and coups will lead only to destruction and more humanitarian suffering to Yemeni people,” he said.



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