Ministers Council holds UAE fully responsible for STC’s armed rebellion

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September Net

The Council of Ministers said it holds the UAE fully responsible for the armed rebellion of the Southern Transitional Council (STC) and its aftermaths.

In an exceptional meeting held in Riyadh on Tuesday on armed rebellion of the TC’s militia, the council confirmed facing armed insurgency by all means entrusted by the constitution and law for ending the rebellion and normalizing conditions in the transitional capital Aden.

The council valued efforts of Saudi Arabia, calling it for continuation of its efforts and support to the government for ending the insurgency.

A release issued by the council after the meeting said the United Arab Emirates-backed rebellion undermined the state institutions, destroyed the social fabric, endangered the local and regional security and peace and increased threats of the violent and extremist groups.

The release called all political and social forces to support the legality under the presidency of Abd-Rabbo Mansour Hadi for facing Aden’s armed rebellion and ending Houthi militia’s coup backed by Iran in Sana’a.

The cabinet called “the international community and its institutions” to shoulder their responsibility for supporting the government of Yemen and the stability, sovereignty and unity of the Republic of Yemen.



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