Govt accuses UAE Forces of triggering confrontations in Shabwah

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September Net

Yemen’s Government has accused the command of the UAE forces in Shabwah of triggering new confrontations with the government forces in the capital of the eastern Yemen province on Thursday.

The government’s spokesperson Rajeh Badi said the expansion of the armed rebellion of southern separatists to Shabwah poses a serious challenge to the mission of the Arab Coalition and the Saudi efforts to contain the infighting.

He said that the government forces are holding ground against the attacks of gunmen from the separatist Southern Transitional Council.

With Emirati support, the separatists captured the temporary capital Aden on August 11 and have since been trying to expand their rebellion northeastward.

Yemen called the Emirati support to violent separatists a deviation from the mission of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition meant to help end the Houthi coup in the country’s north.



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