Houthi militia continues to violate UN-truce in Hodeidah by pushing new reinforcements


September Net

The Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia continued on Sunday, to violate the UN humanitarian truce in Hodeidah province, expanding its fighting escalation.

The escalation of the Houthi militia, including new combat reinforcements, human elements, and several combat vehicles, pushed towards  Hodeidah city.

In coincidence with the reinforcements, the Houthi rebel militia, with all kinds of weapons, shelled positions of the national army forces in the Kilo 16 area with Pika and medium- 12.7 and 14.5-caliber machine guns intensively.

The Houthi rebel militia also targeted the national army forces in the same area.

In al-Faza district, Tahita district, south of the province, the Houthi militia launched artillery shelling on the positions of the army.

The national army forces positions in the same area were hit by heavy 120-mm mortar, and howitzer artillery shells.

In the east of Hays district, south ofHodiedah, the militia launched heavy artillery shelling at the national army forces positions, in which the militia used 120-mm mortar shells, howitzer artillery and B10 shells.


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