Houthis killed, mutilated body of 6-year-old girl among 258 violations last week

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September Net

Houthi militia killed and mutilated the body of a six-year-old girl among 258 human rights violations recorded last week.

The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms unveiled in a report today that gunmen from the radical militia fighting the government since September 2014 shot dead and mutilated the body of Reemas Abdullah in Yemen’s central province of Ibb.

The Network’s field monitors said they documented the killing of 11 civilians at the hands of the rebel militia, five of them by way of shelling residential areas in Taiz and Hodeidah, part of a total 258 human rights violations in different parts of Yemen in the same week.

The militias violations included indiscriminately planting large numbers of landmines, enforced disappearances and tortures of suspected peaceful oppositionists and turning mosques to sectarian radicalization centers for children.

The violations occurred in different parts of Yemen especially Taiz and Hodeidah.


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