Yemen’s Def. Ministry: STC receives military, logistical, financial support from UAE


September Net

Yemen’s Defense Ministry and the Chief of Staff said that the army backed by the security forces responded to an armed attack in the city of Ataq in Shabwah province, by the forces of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council, and called on the UAE to stop supporting the STC.

They said in a statement that they had spotted “rebel groups” military build-up from more than one province to repeat the attempt to enter Ataq.

The statement pointed out that the possession of these groups of weapons and equipment clearly shows that they receive military, logistical and financial support from the UAE, despite calls by the Yemeni government to stop it.

“We call on fighters in the ranks of what so-called “STC” to stop attacking their brothers in the military and security   institutions to stop the bloodshed among the brothers “, the statement stressed.

The statement confirmed that the army will deter any sabotage attempts directed against state institutions and the public interest and we will remain loyal soldiers to defend our national project led by the Priesdent, Field Marshal Abdul Rabbu Mansour Hadi-Commander-in-Chief.

“Army is doing its duty to protect cities and institutions and will defend the country and its gains against any internal or external ambitions”, the statement read.

The Ministry stressed that the armed rebellion will not distort its main link in the fight against the Iranian project and Houthi militias, according to the statement.



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