Yemen, ambassadors of permanent SC’s members discuss latest developments

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September Net

Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad al-Hadhrami discussed Wednesday with ambassadors of the permanent members in the Security Council peace process brokered by the United Nations and developments in Aden and other southern provinces over rebellion of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council.

Al-Hadhrami renewed government’s rejection to violence or using weapons for political gains or illegal means for power, confirming rejection of the government to any military groups out of the state.

He pointed to government’s welcome to former commanders and soldiers of the military groups of the so-called Transitional Council for joining the government military and security institutions.

He also renewed government’s full support to UN Envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths and its positive dealing with steps of implementing Stockholm agreement, including discussions of the Redeployment Committee, confirming that implementing Hodeida agreement and withdrawal of Houthi militia from the city and ports of Hodeida is the key for forthcoming consultations.

Al-Hadhrami welcomed efforts of the UN for sending technical team for evaluating Safer Oil Tanker for the sake of conducting maintenance and faced by Houthi repeated rejection of allowing the team to reach to the tanker.

He hold Houthi fully responsible for delaying arrival of the team and their breaches to agreed upon pledges and promises.



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