Govt condemns UAE airstrikes against army in Aden and Abyan


September Net

Yemen’s government has condemned the airstrikes the United Arab Emirates launched today against the country’s armed forces in the temporary capital Aden, its suburbs and in Abyan to the east, which claimed the lives of scores of soldiers and civilians.

In a statement, the Yemeni Foreign Ministry said, “The UAE is fully responsible for this blatant airstrike against the international law and costumes.”

“The government reserves its legal right enshrined in the UN charter to get this aggression and serious escalation to stop,” read the statement, demanding the UN Security Council to condemn it and undertake its responsibility in protecting Yemen. The government also demanded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a leader of the Arab Coalition to stop this unjustified act.

The government demanded again the UAE stop all forms of financial and military support to unauthorized paramilitary groups in Yemen.


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