Sana’a Mayor criticizes international organizations’ silence on Houthi crimes

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The State Minister, the Mayor of Sana’a General Abdulghani Jamil has criticized international organizations and world media’s silence towards private Houthi secret prisons in the Capital Sana’a and in Houthi held-areas where it tortures citizens.

Opening a symposium on media and right organizations’ role in monitoring and documenting human rights violations organized here on Thursday, Jamil pointed out that media is basic pillar in society and is responsible on disclosing the reality to local, regional and international public opinion and the many crimes are being committed by Houthi militia daily in Sana’a and its held-areas.

Organized by Sana’a Human Rights Office, the symposium included two work papers on the role of the media outlets in disclosing crimes and mobilizing public opinion towards them.

The second paper tackled the role of the civil society organizations in monitoring and documenting crimes and challenges they face.


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