Military Spokesman: Armed Forces safety valve of homeland   


September Net

Spokesman of Yemeni Armed Forces said military and security forces proved they are the safety valve of the homeland and the most powerful defender of its unity and territorial integrity in all the country’s historic junctures.

Brig. Gen. Abdu Mujali said army forces had achieved significant victory against the armed rebellion by militias from the separatists known as Southern Transitional Council, backed by UAE, in Aden, Abyan and Shabwa provinces.

Speaking at press conference held Thursday in Marib province, he said the victory widely met with great public joy as it means preserving national identity of all Yemenis and the abide by the would-be federal state that guarantees equal share of power and resources for all.

He congratulated political and military leadership as well as heroes of the army and security on those victories, of which the people’s integrity played a major role.

He said deterring the rebel militia was “obligatory as directed by political and military leadership out of the constitutional responsibility to defend the sovereignty, unity, security and stability of the country.”

“The battle against Irani-backed Houthi rebel militia will continue until the whole territory of Yemen is fully liberated,” Mujali said.

He said Houthi militia suffers heavy losses of life and equipment on different warfronts

He mentioned that violations of the Houthi militia continue unabated against civilians in their-held areas.

He made clear that Houthi militia has never adhered to ceasefire truce in Hodeida city, saying the militia constantly bombing residential neighborhoods and civilians, and refusing to hand over maps of landmines planted by them, to the UN team.


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