Army attains new progress in Saada, cuts off militia supply lines completely


September Net

The Yemeni national army forces supported by the fighters of the Arab coalition, on Friday, achieved a new progress in Kattaf district, Saada province, north of the country.

The national army was able to tighten control over all roads leading to Al- Bu Jubara vally, cut off all Houthi rebel militia supply lines to the area.

In coincidence with the ongoing violent confrontations, the national army forces are launching intensive artillery shelling on the rebel positions on the outskirts of Al- Bu Jubara valley in the same areas.

The battles were accompanied by intensive coverage of the Arab coalition fighters on the movements and reinforcements of the Houthi rebel militia.

The fighting and raids resulted in the killing and wounding of a number of Houthi rebel militia elements, shattering of vehicles, weapons belong to the rebel militia.



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