Swedish Foreign Minister confirms support to Yemen

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September Net

Swedish Minister of Foreign Affairs Margot Wallström has confirmed support of her country to the internationally recognized government in Yemen and continuous support to Yemen for alleviating aftermaths of humanitarian crisis.

In her meeting with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammad Al-Hadhrami on Sunday, Wallstrom stressed significance of reaching to inclusive peace agreement and implementing Stockholm agreement as a wayout from the crisis, pointing out that her visit to the region comes in this framework.

Al-Hadhrami reviewed peace process and latest developments in Yemen including UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council’s armed rebellion and UAE airstrikes against Yemeni military forces.

He stressed that the government will take all legal means to deal with UAE aggression and crimes committed by Southern Transitional Council’s insurgents; killing injured people in hospitals and storming houses in Aden, holding the UAE and the STC full responsibility on these crimes.

He also confirmed that the government is resolved on cooperation with the international community for fighting terrorism and extremism by all its forms and will not accept formation or financing any military entities out of the state whatever justifications are.

He praised Sweden’s support to the government and keenness on unity, security and sovereignty of Yemen, as well as Swedish care of dealing with humanitarian crisis caused by Houthi coup.

He pointed to government’s support to UN envoy’s efforts for implementing Stockholm agreement, including Hodeidah Agreement as Houthi withdrawal from Hodeidah and its ports is a key for transferring into any future consultations.



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