Def. Minister stresses importance of coordination among Military and Security institutions


September Net

Yemen’s Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Mqdashi chaired a military meeting included several key military and security leaders on Tuesday.

The meeting aimed at discussing the security situation in liberated areas and ways to enhance cooperation and exchange of information between military and security agencies.

The Minister stressed that the stage that Yemen is passing imposes redouble efforts to defeat the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia and all the chaotic projects aimed at destabilizing the security and stability of Yemen and try to turn the tide of the main battle.

Separately, the Def. Minister and Joint Operations Commander Maj. Gen. Saghir Bin Aziz, paid an inspection visits to the camps of Al-Astekbal and Al-Nasr in Marib province.

They briefed about combat morale and readiness of the troops as well as the training and preparation programs to make excellent fighters.


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