Yemen parties rally behind president in face of UAE-backed coup

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September Net

Yemen’s political parties of all stripes are rallying behind the country’s president in the face of the UAE-backed coup in the south.

In a statement on Monday, the eleven top popular parties said they “support the political leadership represented by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his address” to the nation on August 30 in which he condemned the UAE’s support for the coup by separatists in Aden on August 11 and the direct UAE air raids against government forces trying to retake Aden on August 29.

In that address, Hadi said the Southern Transitional Council and Security Belt militias used the UAE’s military arsenal “in order to divide our country” and urged a Saudi intervention to reign the UAE, its partner in the Arab Coalition.

The parties said the UAE’s recent air strike on government forces was “a deviation from the mission of the Arab Coalition” meant to help the government overcome the original coup by Houthis in the country’s north.

The parties appreciated the efforts of Saudi Arabia, the Arab League and the UN Security Council” for their support to Yemen’s unity and security.



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