Defense Minister meets Military Medical Committee


September Net

Yemen’s Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Mqdashi chaired a meeting with the Military Medical Committee on Sunday.

They discussed the situation of the army’s wounded and obstacles facing the committee and need to be addressed.

Al-Mqdashi paid tribute for the wounded personnel of the military who sacrificed their own blood and souls to defend the land, revolution and the republic.

“The political leadership represented by His Excellency President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi attaches much importance to the issue of the wounded”, he added.

Al-Meqdshi highlighted the need to cooperate and intensify efforts to deal with deficiencies, adding wounded problems will see a breakthrough soon as the government gives this file a top priority and will work to find radical solutions.

“The follow-up is continuing to provide medical services and full care to the army’s wounded”, he pointed out.

He appreciated the efforts of the brothers in Saudi Arabia, their support and care for the treatment and care of the wounded.


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