PM briefs US senators on Houthi violations of local and int’l laws

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September Net

Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik has briefed a group of US Democratic and Republican senators on Houthi violations of local and international laws over the years long war in Yemen.

The premier said the Iran-backed militia has been diverting international humanitarian aid to sustain its war, recruiting more and more children to the warfronts, sweeping journalists and other peaceful oppositionists to jails, and endangering the international shipping lanes on the Yemeni waters.

He said the militia is even sabotaging peace overtures consecutively, the latest of which is last December’s Stockholm Agreement.

He said Yemen pins hopes on the US senate to play a role in pressuring Iran to stop its support for the militia.

The senators affirmed that Yemen’s conflict is an especially important issue for the senate and they would raise it with the US administration to advance its efforts for securing peace in the country.


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