Education Minister condemns Houthi taking of radical oath from schoolchildren

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Yemen’s Education Minister has condemned the Houthi imposition on schoolchildren to give oath of allegiance (Qasam al-Walaa) to the terrorist militia’s leader at the beginning of school day.

In a statement to Saba Abdullah Lamlas said, “By so doing, the Houthi militia have discarded the (country’s) republican system and begun to establish a theocratic dynastical regime in Yemen.”

The militia controlling northern Yemen areas have commanded headmasters of all schools to ensure that in the morning assembly students collective chant, “Oh God, we Pledge Alliance to Imam Ali…and My Master Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.”

Based on their puritan interpretation of Islam, Houthis reserve the helmet of power to the dynasty of prophet Mohammed’s descendants, represented in their areas by rebel leader Abdul-Malik al-Houthi.

Minister Lamlas called upon the people to stand to the slogan “which the theocratic militia has imposed to replace the national anthem.”

The Yemeni government says the militia is changing textbooks and setting up irregular summer madrasas to radicalize tens of thousands of children.


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