Houthi militia kidnaps mosque preacher in Sana’a for criticizing its racial sectarian rituals

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September Net

The Iran-backed  Houthi rebel militia has attacked a mosque preacher in the capital Sana’a. Local sources told September Net that, the Houthi rebel militia, beaten on the mosque preacher in the neighborhood of Al-Nahdha during Friday prayer.

The Houthi rebel militia elements, forcibly dropped the preacher of the mosque Abdullah Al-Dhubaibi from the stage and beat him with rifle butts, to the extent of fainting, the sources added.

The incident on the preacher came as a result of his criticism of the ugly racial sectarian rituals of the militia on Ashura, which causes a state of panic and fear among the citizens, such as crying and wailing and screaming and beating breasts and cracking clothes, the sources said.

The mosque preacher criticized those rituals and heresy stray that distort religion.

The militia after the attack on the mosque preacher kidnapped him with two members of his family, and took them to an unknown location, the sources said.


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