NCIAVHR documents 2644 human rights abuse claims in 5 months

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September Net

The National Commission to Investigate Alleged Violations to Human Rights said it had documented 2644 claims from across the country from 1st February to 31st July 2019.

In a report issued Monday, the Commission said it “has investigated into 660 cases of killing and injury of civilians the victims of which were 878 victims. Of the 295 killed, 28 were women, 74 and 74 were children in this short span of the years long Yemeni war. The injured were 564 including 147 children and 75 were women.

The Houthi militia accounted for the death of 174 persons and injury of 445 others of the casualties.

The Commission wrapped up investigations into 27 cases of child soldier recruitment, 44 cases of planting anti-personnel landmines, 68 cases of enforced displacement, 40 cases of extrajudicial killing, 374 cases of arbitrary arrest, and 332 cases of enforced disappearances. The landmines resulted in killing of 28 persons and injury of 40 others. The Houthi militia accounted for most of all the mentioned abuses.






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