SADA organizes a seminar on peace & coexistence in Tribal Dialogue and media in Yemen

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National Organization of Yemeni Reporters “SADA” and Asad Al-Kamel organization held a panel discussion on “peace and coexistence in the tribal dialogue and the media in Yemen”.

The seminar funded by European Union, in collaboration with Deep Root Consulting and the Finnish Crisis Management Initiative “CMI MARTTI AHTISAARI CENTER”.

The workshop tackled four papers, 1st presented by Dr. Mosli Bohebah addressed a general analysis of the tribe’s speech and examples of the values of tolerance and peace.

2nd paper introduced by Hussein Al-Sadar dealt with the analysis of the Yemeni media discourse and its relevant with peace and coexistence speech.

Hussein Al-Sufi addressed in 3rd paper, the future vision of how peace and coexistence can be served by benefiting from the tribe’s speech in the media discourse.

Marbi’s Deputy Governor for Administrative Affairs Abdullah Al-Bakeri said the seminar aim to activate the role of media in tribal dialogue, stressing that the importance of adopting middle speech in daily dealings, calling to stay away from actions and words that promoting hate speech among society.



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