HR Organizations call upon UN to protect Yemen’s Journalists

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September Net

Regional human rights organizations have called on the UN to approve a treaty for protecting journalists and media people during conflicts.

in a seminar organized by Human Rights Information and Qualification Center on the sidelines of the 42 Round of Human Rights Council here, held the UN responsible for leaving criminals of journalistic and media issues in areas of conflicts in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria unpunished.

The Head of Hakee Right Center for Supporting Human Rights and Freedoms Hani Al-Aswadi presented a work paper entitled ” In Yemen, Journalism is Crime” in which he talked about large-scale crimes against journalist by Houthi militia varied between killing and kidnapping journalists, storming media and information institutions and closure most of them.

He pointed out that Houthi militia is the prime violator of journalist issues citing with statements of its leader when he said journalists were more dangerous than fighters.

He made it clear that 80 percent of violating freedom of speech in Yemen is committed by Houthis, who kill journalists, arrest them, torture them and forcibly disappear them, pointing out that the announced numbers are lesser than the real numbers due to weakness of monitoring and documenting violations.

He showed cases of journalists who were killed, arrested or forcibly disappeared and criticized the report made by UN senior experts for neglecting violations committed against journalists.




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