A big protest in Taiz denounces Houthi militia’s coup

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People of Taiz organized Saturday a big march on the Fifth Anniversary of Houthi Militia’s Coup against the state in September 21, 2014.

The participants chanted anti-Houthi slogans expressing Houthi militia’s undermining the state and others on plans of the Yemeni people towards building the federal state.

The march made a release in which it said that today is the fifth anniversary of the opening of the setbacks and catastrophes against ” our beloved homeland and against the Yemeni people, who sustained different forms of woes after 21 September setbacks and suffered bitterness over aftermaths of the black day during which the clerical gang blocked the track of the National Dialogue Conference’s outcomes, abducting the state and undermining Yemeni people’s aspiration for the ‘Federal Yemen’.”

The releases added that since that day, bombing, killing and terrorism march has begun and looting and abducting human rights spread.

Houthi militia adopted hunger and killing approach for humiliating Yemenis to accept its sectarian agenda and escalated to target regional security and stability and threatening international maritime navigation, said the release.


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