Marib holds symposium on the 21st of September setback

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Deputy Minister of Information Ahmad Rabi’ has said that the 21st of September is the black day in Yemen’s history and a painful memory to Yemeni people in which Houthi rebel militia overthrew the state and controlled its institutions and committed all different shapes of crimes and human rights violations against Yemeni people.

In a symposium organized by al-Asima Information Center here on Saturday under the title ;” Sana’a in the Face of the Coup … Continuous Sweeping Up and Rejecting Society,” Rabi’ added that Yemen has never gone through in a period like today under Houthi rebel militia and imposed its clerical and sectarian agenda by the force of weapons.

He confirmed that Yemen is witnessing a real setback in different fields of life under Iran-backed Houthi militia’s coup and that Yemeni people live in Houthi era catastrophic living and humanitarian conditions.

Three work papers have been presented in the symposium; the first one on Houthi crimes and violations and chaos in Sana’a presented by the Director of Sana’a Information Center Abdulbaset al-Shaj’ and the second symposium on economic losses over the war presented by Mohammad al-Juma’i.

The third paper documented more than 1300 anti-Houthi activities in Sana’a included set ins, college strikes and other protests in a number of institutions and government’s facilities.


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