26 September Revolution… A Brand New Dawn for Yemenis


By: Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohammed Al-Mqdashi

September 26 revolution is a key event in Yemen’s modern history. It ended a painful and dark decades of oppression, poverty, underdevelopment and humiliation in the lives of Yemenis, restoring its identity and heritage.

The Imamate wanted to keep Yemenis out of the path of time, deprived them of their right to grow, and develop to remain under the hell of terror, starvation, humiliation but they failed until the revolution of 26 September 1962. As the Yemen people was the same in terms of territory, faith and people, national forces worked to attain the goals of 26 September Revolution.

Today, Yemeni generations rallying around September Revolution, as its gains moving in their blood as they standing in honor of the nation’s anthem and their eyes shedding tears as an expression of love and loyalty, and carrying the flag of the Republic on their shoulders and in their hearts.

This anniversary coincides with the Army’s victories achieved on the different battlefronts to defeat the Houthi rebel militia, which seek to turn Yemen into an evil focus to threat neighboring countries in implementation of Iran’s subversive ambitions. Our battle today requires uniting efforts towards fundamental objectives, overcoming disagreements, not be heeding to narrow agendas. Yemenis must, keep advancing and moving towards construction.

We are more confident than ever, that Yemenis backed by Armed Forces will overcome all complications, and will be the victorious.



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