Yemen FM hails Kuwait support to Yemen

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed Al-Hadhrami hailed the State of Kuwait’s support to Yemen at various times including with humanitarian aid.

In a meeting with the Kuwaiti Dep. Premier and Foreign Minister Sabah Khaled al-Sabah in New York today, said Yemenis owe this support to the Kuwaitis. Discussing the political stalemate in Yemen, al-Hadhrami said the Houthi militants are maximalists in their attitude, which obstructs the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement.

Al-Hadhrami raised the issue of rebellion of the Southern Transitional Council against the government in south Yemen with support from the United Arab Emirates that amounted to airstrikes in support of the paramilitary group against the Yemeni army.

The Kuwaiti official renewed his country’s support and stand alongside Yemen until a breakthrough.



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