Female Houthi Cell busted for planting mines in Yemen

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September Net Asharq Al-Awsat

A cell run by female loyalists to the Iran-backed Houthi militias was busted in Yemen for planting mines and explosives, revealed a security official in al-Jawf region.

The Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance, MASAM, quoted Abdullah al-Breir as saying: “Mines are a major challenge for security in the province and they are a great danger to the locals.”

The militias have deliberately and arbitrarily planted mines in densely populated areas, claiming several victims, mainly women and children, he added.

The security forces have defused and dismantled several explosives and mines the militias had planted on streets and in schools and markets, he continued.

They have also arrested several cells that have been recruited by the Houthi militia to plant these explosives.

Large quantities of explosives were found in the possession of the female cell, said Breir.

The Houthi militants have gained expertise in manufacturing and concealing mines from Lebanese Hezbollah party members and experts from Iran, he charged.

They have been dispatched to Yemen to train the Houthis on how to kill the Yemeni people with mines and bombs, he stressed.

“The Houthi project is built on death and destruction,” he added.

In contrast, the MASAM project has saved thousands of lives and secured several regions in al-Jawf, he remarked. This has allowed the displaced to return to their homes and safely carry on with their lives


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