Houthi militia accused of causing ‘Demographic Change’ in Sana’a

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September Net

Yemeni officials have attributed soaring property prices in the Yemeni capital Sana’a to Houthi militias forcing a “demographic change” that includes settling their members coming from Sa’ada, Amran and Hajjah.

Al-Thawra newspaper quoted local sources as saying that the rise in the prices is caused by a huge Houthi demand to settle militia members in Sana’a.

Houthi leaders are rushing to purchase properties and rent residential apartments, leading to higher rents and an increase in the price of land plots, the sources said.

Most of the members brought to Sana’a are from Sa’ada, Amran, and Hajjah, they said.

As a result of the new changes, most residents in the capital are incapable of paying soaring rents amid a paralysis in the payment of their salaries in the past three years and a rise in the number of low-income families.


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