Dammaj: Yemen asks the American administration to ban trafficking of Yemeni antiquities in the US

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September Net

Minister of Culture Marwan Dammaj said ” the Yemeni Government submitted a request to the American Government to ban dealing with the Yemeni antiquities and relics in the American market”.

In a statement to the Yemeni News Agency “Saba) Dammaj added ” A consultative panel of the American government is set to convene on October 29,2019 to discuss the Yemeni government’s request to ban illict trafficking with the Yemeni antiquities and artifacts in the US”.

The Minister stated that the government’s request requires to ban importing and transporting the Yemeni cultural properties to the US, noting that this demand based on article (9) of the UNISCO agreement in relevant that our country accomplished procedures to ratify it last September.


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