FM meets with P5-member states of UNSC

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed Abdullah Al-Hadrami held talks on Tuesday with the Ambassadors of the Permanent Five member states of the United Nations Security Council to our country.

The session aimed to brief the Ambassadors on the latest developments about Hodeidah agreement and Jeddah’s dialogue aiming to end the armed rebellion by the so-called Emirati-backed Transitional Council in some of southern governorates.

In the meeting the ambassadors congratulated al-Hadrami for being appointed as Foreign Minister, wishing him all the best in his mission at this critical state Yemeni has been going through.

For his part, the Minister expressed his appreciation for the significant role the Ambassadors of the Big Five member states of the UNSC in supporting the legitimate government in Yemen.

He also deeply appreciated the great role has been played by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the leader of Arab Coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen, in sponsoring the Jeddah’s dialogue to put an end of the insurgency and reinstate the state’s imitations.

The Foreign Minister welcomed the Saudi efforts have been made in this regard, affirming that the Yemeni government is supporting the Saudi good offices. He stated that the legitimate government is very keen on making peace and eliminating the armed rebellion in some southern governorates in order to join efforts to counter the Iranian-Houthi expansion scheme in Yemen.

Al-Hadrami stresses the importance of adherence to the national interests that Jeddah’s dialogue is based on including maintaining Yemen’s security, stability and unity, the return of the state with its overall institutions to the temporary capital Aden, including the House of Representatives and re-integrate all military structures which affiliate to the Transitional Council into the framework of Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior.

The Minister stated that the government is supporting the UN envoy’s efforts to implement the Swede’s Agreement about Hodeidah. He said “the implementation of this agreement is key for engaging in new political consultations”.

The Ambassadors reiterated their support for the legitimate government, Saudi efforts to contain the crisis in some southern governorates and the UN’s envoy Martin Griffiths.


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