National Army liberates several sites in Sa’ada


September Net

Yemen’s National Army made new ground progress on Tuesday in Sa’ada province north of the country.

The commander of Al-Asefah 3rd Brigade told September Net “The areas of Bani-Saad and a number of surrounding hills in Al-Daher front were liberated after a surprise attack launched by the army troops against the positions of Houthi rebel militia”.

Brig. Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ajabi added that the army was also able to cut off the key Houthi militia’s supply line laid in Al-Dahar front.

Several Houthi militants were killed and injured and also a number of their combat vehicles were destroyed during the clashes, he said.

Al-Ajabi pointed out that the Arab coalition warplanes supported the national army during the attack, bombing Houthi positions and reinforcements in the same front.


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