Houthis eliminate the last potential challenge to their ideology; bookshops

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September Net

As part of their efforts to eliminate any thing and everything that has the potential to be a source of challenge to their radical Shia Islamic ideology, Houthis are closing bookshops and bookstores in their areas of control in north Yemen.

“The Houthi militia has stormed bookstores and bookshops here because they want no books opposite to the Shia Twelverist ideology on display,” a source in the militant-controlled capital Sana’a told Saba News Agency.

He said the militia wants books that glorify the theocratic dynasty of Hashemites (Houthi ancestors) to be on view.

Other sources, on the condition of anonymity said the extremist militia is inflicting its sectarian books, (which exude with dynastical racism, bigotry and instigation of murder of oppositionists,) on the front of bookshops and bookstores.

“The Houthi militia can not accept co-existing with others in a society of diverse ideologies and sects,” said Akram Nabeel, a man surveyed by Saba. He cited the Houthi bloody expulsion of Salafi students from Saada, the burning of their books and the arson against several bookshops in Sana’a Taiz and elsewhere over the past years.


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