Women, children among civilians injured by Houthi landmine in Al-Dhale

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September Net

Five civilians on Thursday were injured in landmine blast that was left behind by the Iran-backed Houthi militia in Qataba district,north of Al-Dhale province.

The victims sustained life-threatening injuries, according to local sources told September Net.

“They were in a car that hit a landmine planted earlier by the Houthi militia on one of the sub-roads in the west of Qataba district,” the sources added.

The same sources pointed that women and children were among the wounded, who are now in critical health conditions.

The Houthi militia deliberately plant landmines and improvised explosive devices in civilian areas. They have laid thousands of such explosives in farms, schools, public roads and populated areas.

So far, women and children account for the majority of the hundreds of the victims of the Houthi-planted landmines and explosives across Yemen.


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