Al-Iryani: UNDP’s report impedes Yemenis unify their fronts to topple coup

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Minister of Information Muamar al-Iryani has said the report of UNDP warns of continuation of Yemen’s crisis over Houthi militia coup against the government to 2022, a matter makes Yemeni people the poorest in the world.

Up to 79 percent of Yemeni people live under poverty line and 3.3 million people are still displaced, according to the UN.

“These indicators are dangerous and the national duty impedes Yemenis to overcome their differences and unify their fronts under the constitutional legality of President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi for winning the battle of regaining the state and toppling the coup,” said al-Iryani in a statement to Saba.

He called all to beat Houthi militia and rescue Yemeni people from this fate and ending the humanitarian crisis, which is labeled by the UN the worse in the world.


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