Dozens Houthi militants incl. leaders killed in Sa’ada


September Net

Tens elements in the Iran-backed Houthi militia including senior leaders were killed in an ambushed carried out by national army in the north of Sa’ada province on Sunday.

The national army forces backed by Arab coalition for supporting legitimacy launched surprised attack on positions of Houthi militia in the mountains of al-Jabadi, Naif and Ramdan of Baqem district, leaving tens killed and injured.

The militia’s supervisor of the so-called military operations in Baqem district Abu Hamza al-Houthi, and the leaders Abu Tariq al-Wajeeh and Abdulmalik al-Sufiani were also killed during the clashes.

Moreover, the national army forces thwarted an infiltration attempt by Houthi rebel militia in the same district, causing heavy losses among the militia’s ranks.


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