AMA: Houthi militia uses 400 abductees as human shields

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September Net

Abductees Mothers Association (AMA) said Monday that the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia transferred 400 abductees from the central prison to a military camp southern the capital Sana’a that exposed to air strikes.

“We have been informed at the Association of Mothers of the Abductees on Monday morning that the Houthi militia has dressed the captives inside the central prison in Sana’a in the air force uniform and transferred them to the Central Security Camp in the Area of Al-Sabeen,” AMA said in a press release.

The Association noted that the Houthi militia had made the prisoners believe they were getting released.

The Houthi militia is held liable for the lives of abductees after being transferred to a military zone that had previously been hit by coalition airstrikes.

It called on the Red Cross, the United Nations and human rights organizations to act swiftly and take action to save the lives of the detainees and free them unconditionally.


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