Houthi rebels plotted new fuel crisis for their own advantages

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September Net

Yemen’s legitimate Government accused the rebels Houthi militia of plotting a new fuel crisis in their areas of control for their the own advantages.

The Economic Committee, a consultative body concerned with the Yemeni economy said, “The Houthi rebel militia prevented merchants from applying for governmental permits for importing fuel in a clear plot to create fuel crisis in their regions … to exploit the resulting suffering of the Yemeni people before the international community, and to uphold the black market which the militia run and draw on to finance their media and terrorist activity.”

In a statement to Saba News Agency, the Committee said the militia wants to “fail the efforts of the government and the Arab Coalition backing it as they seek to improve the humanitarian conditions in Yemen.”

“The Houthi move followed the UN peace mediator’s appreciation of the government’s overture to resolve the fuel crisis, pay civilian servicemen in Houthi-held areas, and granted fuel-laden vessels permits to enter the [Houthi-held] Hodeidah seaport.”


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