Yemen, USAID discuss trade facilitation

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Yemen’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the interim capital Aden and the USAID’s Economic Stabilization and Success (YESS) discussed efforts to facilitate trade in Yemen.

The meeting also discussed obstacles to trade in Yemen and the role of the National Committee for Trade Facilitation and the approved economic operator program.

Undersecretary of the Customs Authority Mohammed Al-Dahni stressed that his department have made great steps to facilitate commercial activity in accordance with the regulations in force, stressing the importance of partnership and cooperation between the Customs Authority and the private sector, since the private sector is an important actor in achieving national development.

He reviewed the programs implemented by the Customs Authority during the past year aimed at enhancing customs work at ports and encouraging investment and economic growth, the most important of which are the risk management and selectivity program and the approved economic operator program.

For his part, the Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Aden Abu Bakr Baabid pointed out to the challenges facing the private sector due to the continuation of the Houthi coup, the repeated obstacles laid by some forces and the dire consequences of that as a main cause for the emigration of national capital abroad.


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