Mujalli, Polish SASA discuss establishing hospital in Yemen

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Yemen’s Ambassador to Poland Mervet Mujalli and the chief of SASA Foundation, a Polish NGO, have discussed aspects of health cooperation and the idea of setting up a full-fledged hospital in Yemen.

In a meeting with SASA in Warsaw on Wednesday, SASA representatives showed their intent to assist Yemen in the area of health including by setting up a hospital from scratch and equipping and staffing it.

Mujalli welcomed SASA’s offer, saying the Yemen’s humanitarian crisis resulting from the Houthi rebels coup makes the need for foreign aid pressing.

She noted that the government wants to make maximum use of offered assistances to alleviate the suffering of the people, given to the rebels failure to honestly handle the aid that passes through their hands, and rather use it for the militia’s own advantages.

Saba News Agency


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