Army counters Houthi militia’s infiltration attempts in Al-Jawf


September Net

The national army forces have countered several infiltration attempts of the Iran-backed Houthi rebel militia towards liberated positions in Khub and Al-Sha’f districts, in Al-Jawf province.

Brig. Gen. Sadiq Al-Akimi the Chief Staff of Al-Jawf axis told September Net, that the army national forces countered several attempted infiltration of the Houthi militia during the past three days, on the areas of Al-Wajaf, and Al-Sililah and Sabreen.

He pointed out that the national army forces enjoy high morale, and steadfast in the face of the barbaric Houthi militia.

In the context, the Arab coalitions strikes targeted the positions and gatherings of the Houthi rebel militia in the same district, causing heavy losses in lives and hardware of the rebels.


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