Clear goals, confident steps

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September Net


We trust in the wisdom of our political and military leadership, represented by His Excellency Field Marshal Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, his deputy Lt. Gen. Ali Mohsen Saleh, and Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Mohamed Ali Al-Maqdashi, in achieving a strong and comprehensive victory that turns the hopes and aspirations of the Yemenis into reality.

The wisdom of our political and military leadership is highly competent in creating common ground, from which can build a just federal state based on equal opportunities and equitable distribution of wealth and power.

It is also highly competent in building the basis of good governance, guaranteeing the participation of all political and social components in the process of construction and development, contribute effectively within the framework of a democratic civil state that provides opportunities for the peaceful transfer of power.

Those who have not yet grasped the content, must realize that our goals are to eliminate the coup and rebellion, restore the weapons, equipment, institutions and money unlawfully looted by the militias.

This is what will lead everyone towards building the new Yemen and its federal state, as stated in the outcome document of the comprehensive national dialogue conference with collective efforts and real will.

The national army will confidently continue its tasks in protecting national gains, preserving the achievements of successive revolutions, moving steadily towards securing the conditions for completing the political process and implementing the outcomes of the national dialogue.

To those who missed the trip, and remained in place, and became a tool for the implementation of regional and international ambitions, agendas: Wake up and presented the interest of the country on your own interests and ambitions.

We say to those who did not understand the lessons of history and the experiences of the recent and past: Yemen is more than just personal interests. Yemen is strong with its national army, political and military leadership.


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