Houthi militia imposes illegal amounts money on school students in Hajjah

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September Net

The Iranian-backed Houthi rebel militia has imposed illegal amounts money on school students in Hajjah province in return for the so-called war effort.

Local sources said that the Houthi militia obliged school headmasters in district of Shahal, north of the province, to impose an illegal amount of one thousand Y.R on each student as a war effort under the convoy of the Prophet birth .

The sources pointed out that the rebel militia formed armed militia committees affiliated to go down to all schools of the district to collect money from students.

September Net has been got a statement showing the size of those illegal amounts money collected by the militia from the students of the disrict schools, which amounted to more than eight million riyals.

The sources confirmed that the Houthi measures were met with widespread dissatisfaction with the population difficult living conditions as a result of cutting salaries of employees and paying illegal huge sums of money from farmers in favor of the Houthis.


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