Al-Maysary, al-Irada inspect Special Forces Camp in Mareb

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September Net

Deputy Prime Minster, the Minister of Interior Ahmad al-Maysary along with Governor of Mareb Sultan al-Irada and Transport Minister Saleh al-Jabwani paid an inspection visit to branch of Special Forces Camp in Marib province.

The three officials were acquainted with efforts of qualifying a new batch from the camp and process of fighting capabilities of affiliates of the camp.

Al-Maysary delivered a speech in which he praised efforts of Special Forces’ personnel for boosting security and stability in the province and sacrifices they make for public safety.

He confirmed keenness of Interior Ministry for qualifying and training security personnel and continuous security training courses for promoting performance of security forces and police.

He stressed continuous state of high alert and promoting competence of soldier for protecting security achievements in Mareb.

He confirmed that the ministry will work on providing necessary logistic support for promoting performance of security forces.


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