FM hails Yemeni-American relations

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September Net

Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Hadrami praised Yemeni-American relationship and partnership in several spheres including in countering terrorism.

Al-Hadrami’s remarks came as he met Thursday with Charged’ Affairs of the US embassy in Yemen Munir Jonaid and a delegation of the US Congress’s committee on financial credits.

The conversations touched upon the latest political developments in Yemen including the signing of Riyadh Agreement between the Government and Transitional Council.

Al-Hadrami said” establishing a national alignment behind the legitimate government will help pressuring Houthi militia to come to peace and re-establish security and stability in Yemen”.

The Foreign Minister highlighted the need for propping the Central Bank of Yemen (CBY) to enable it managing inflation rate in order to mitigate the humanitarian crisis.

Al-Hadrami called for mounting pressure upon Houthi militia to stop its arbitrary manners in dealing with humanitarian aids and international organizations operate in humanitarian fields in the militia controlled regions.

The US delegation stated that the US Congress is interested in the Yemeni dossier and it is willing to offer the necessary support to achieve peace, re-establish security and stability in Yemen.


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