Miftah launches Oxygen Plant in Mareb Hospital

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September Net

Deputy Governor of Mareb Abd-Rabbu Miftah along with Chairman of al-Thowrah General Hospital Mohammad al-Qubati inspected Thursday Oxygen Plant inside the hospital.

The plant is granted by King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Activities and World Health Organization.
Al-Qubati made it clear that the plant produces 30-40 oxygen cylinder daily for covering needs of the hospital estimated at 30 cylinder and the plant plans to increase production into 50 for supplying other hospitals in the province with oxygen.

Mitfah inspected accomplishments realized during the past months of 2019 in the hospital, he inspected updates of the hospital lab and improving it to become a central lab and opening microbiology section lab and providing necessary equipment.

Miftah also inspected endoscope unit, which is the first of its type in the province. The unit carries out four to five operations daily.

He also inspected dialysis center and the process of isolating patients with infected viruses and visited CT-Scan unit, which is one of the most modern equipment and ex-ray unit.

Miftah paid a visit to desalination unit for medical purposes and personal uses for drinking as it produces 4500 liter per hour.

He praised efforts exerted for improving medical services and stresses significance of quick accomplishment of electronic system to the lab


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