Riyadh Agreement.. the importance of terms implementing

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Riyadh Agreement, which was signed last week in the Saudi capital between the legitimate government and the political components in the southern governorates, is considered positive within its general framework as long as it was based on the three references – the Gulf Initiative and the outcomes of the National Dialogue and UN Security Council Resolution 2216.

Signing this agreement means directing the efforts of the legitimate government and the Saudi-led Arab coalition towards ending the Houthi coup and the Iranian project in Yemen and the region.

Moreover, the agreement will undoubtedly unite trends and differences, under the umbrella of the legitimate government, after years of weakening the government’s capabilities in the battle to restore state institutions from the control of the Houthi militia.

Integrating the components of legitimacy in a single trend under the agreement, will create broad prospects for the desired peace, and work to establish the pillars of security and stability in the provinces and liberated areas.

It is also the first building blocks for building a federal state that provides the appropriate amount of justice, and respect for equal citizenship, and rejects exclusion and marginalization.

The agreement stresses the importance of integrating the armed factions into the units of the national army, security services and police under the umbrella of the ministries of defense and interior.

It also stresses the return of the government and state institutions and its three authorities to the functioning of the interim capital Aden, and the re-functioning, and normalize the situation, and provide services in the liberated areas.

At the same time, it prohibited the establishment of any armed or military formations outside the framework of state institutions.

The agreement remains an important step in correcting the course, uniting efforts to complete the process of liberating the areas still under the control of the rebel Houthi militia, and confronting all sabotage and terrorist projects.

We appreciate the efforts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its keenness on the stability, unity and territorial integrity of Yemen, and its role in addressing the imbalances that accompanied the previous phase, and correcting the path of the coalition towards the goal for which it was established.

The agreement remains the window from which Yemenis derive optimism and hope.

It also remains the safe passage for Yemenis to emerge from the dark tunnel in which the coup militia brought them and their unjust war.

It will also support the possibility of completing state-building, restoring its institutions, and moving the country to broad horizons and peace awaited by all.


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