Commander of Joint Military Operations inspects Serwah front, pays tribute to national army soldiers


September Net

The Commander of Joint Military Operations, Maj. Gen. Saghair Bin Aziz, paid tribute to the steadfastness of the national army soldiers on various fronts of Serwah, expressing his great pride in the fighting spirit and morale they enjoy.

This came on Tuesday, during an inspection the advanced positions in the front of Serwah east of the capital Sana’a, where he was briefed on the situation of the army soldiers in the front .

“You have taught the Houthi militia hard lessons during failed attempts to infiltrate army positions,” he said.

Bin Aziz expressed the magnitude of the sacrifices made by the soldiers of the national army in various positions and fronts with the support of the Coalition backing the legitimate Yemeni government.

“The national army and such soldiers are able to gain the battle in a short period if the decision to do so,” he added.

Bin Aziz stressed that “Houthi militias do not understand the language of peace or truce, but the act of force and coercion.”

For their part, the soldiers of the national army confirmed their permanent and full readiness to defeat the Houthi coup militia from the Serwah Front and others.


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