Yemen’s Defense Ministry mourns six army martyrs


September Net

Yemeni Ministry of Defense and Command of General Staff mourned in a statement the death of six army officers and soldiers who were martyred in criminal attack in Marib by a rocket on Wednesday morning November 13.

The statement mentioned that Brig. Gen. Saeed al-Shamahi, the Chief of Training of the Defense Ministry’s Joint Operations, and Brig. Gen. Abdulrakeeb al-Sayadi the Commander of Training Camp and the Brig. Gen. Nasr Ali al-Sabahi are among the martyrs, in addition to the injury of others.

“These repeated targeting are happening and our people and armed forces are fighting the battle to retake the Yemeni state, and they are making sacrifices for the country”,  the statement added.

The statement called on “Our Yemeni people to integrate behind and aligned with legitimate leadership and the Armed Forces … in the face of the rebellion militias and terrorist groups.”

The statement expressed heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs, wishing the injured recovery, and vowed to perform its national duties towards families of martyrs and wounded.

The statement appreciated the efforts of the Saudi brothers in supporting the Yemeni people in this fateful battle, in order to ensure the security of Yemen and the region.


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